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Here you have some of the most suggestive attractions in the surrounding area of Sabaudia, which are very close to our Hotel and easy to reach:

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The Garden of Ninfa (45 min)
The Garden of Ninfa was declared Natural Monument by Italy’s region of Lazio in 2000 with the aim of safeguarding the internationally known historical garden, the habitat of the Ninfa river and its lake, as well as the surrounding lands whose function is to create a natural protection to this landscape complex. The area also includes the Pantanello Natural Park which was opened on 15th December 2009.

The temple of Jupiter Anxur (Terracina) (35 min)
The Temple of Jupiter Anxur is a wide holy area and it is located on the original route of Via Appia, the most important roman street, which crossed the strategic and military hub of Terracina. It is a site of Community interest within the “Parco Naturale Monti Ausoni e Lago di Fondi” and it was recognized Natural monument in 2000.

The Pontine Islands: Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone (50 min)
At “Oasi di Kufra” Hotel & Resort it is possible to hire a boat to visit the wonderful Pontine Islands. For further information contact the Guest Service number at the +39 0773 5191 (find out more)

Fossanova Abbey (30 min)
Fossanova Abbey was declared National Monument in 1874 and it is considered the most ancient piece of cistercian-gothic art in Italy, together with the Casamari Abbey. It was first established at the end of XII century and resulted from the transformation of a pre-existing Benedictine monastery dating back to around VI century, whose traces are still visible above the rose window of the church. In 1134 Pope Innocence II gave the ancient monastery, built on the ruins of a roman villa, to some Burgundian monks leaded by San Bernando of Chiaravalle who followed the strict rule of the Citeaux reform (1098) focused on the original Benedectine orthodoxy method.

Sermoneta (50 min)
It is one of the best-preserved medieval towns of Italy, rich in culture and history, whose origins date back to further times, perhaps to pre-roman age. It is located in the province of Latina, just a few kilometers far from Via Appia and 60 km from Rome. It stands on a hill of 257 meters above the sea, offering a great panoramic view of the Pontine Plain. Sermoneta became the main artistic and cultural center of a very large feud when at the end of XIII century the Family of Caetani established his dominion on the city building a majestic castle. Over the centuries famous Popes and Kings stayed in the town and in the majestic castle.

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